The Clean and Dirty Job

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The job of constructing a building and the setting up of how the water comes in and out of it are just a few of the most challenging undertakings in the life of a carpenter and a plumber. How much more can be expected from you if  you will be tasked to solve clogged kitchen sinks, showers, drains and most of all toilet bowls? Will you accept the challenge of being spilled with leftover food? Or the experience to actually siphon human waste from a septic tank? Before giving your answers, think again. This is not a joke! Here are a few things to remember that your house already needs the expertise of a plumber. Call one when or if:

  1. A smell of rotten food is noticed coming out of the drain or disposal
  2. A basin of water right on the floor close to the sink or tub
  3. Swirling sounds of water on the drain after emptying a dishwasher or washing machine
  4. Water drains very slowly from your sink and your bath tub.
  5. Bubbling water from the toilet bowl after running the sink.
  6. A pool of water close to the shower drain.
  7. Disposed water bounces back on the sink or drain.
  8. Water accumulates within or close to the drain even when not in use.
  9. An offensive smell on sinks and drains.
  10. Trickling noises from the drain of your bathroom or the bathtub.
  11. Bathroom or comfort room is flooded.
  12. Water does not go down the drain when taking a shower.
  13. A trickling sound inside the tank of your toilet.
  14. Fluids are leaking inside your toilet.
  15. Cannot flush thetoilet after use.
  16. Water stays ankle deep for several hours.
  17. Overflowing of water from toilet bowls.

To help solve the problem, the following do-it-yourself actions may be implementedby calling in the experts:

  1. Replacementof the fill valve in your toilet bowl water tank.
  2. Check water supply pipes and if they are leaking, apply sealants or replace them totally.
  3. Use gloves to check toilet bowl drain hole if blocked with pieces of cloth or used soaps and shampoos.
  4. Use a plunger to solve clogged up toilet bowls.
  5. Check or replace flappers to minimize or stop overflowing of water in toilet bowls.
  6. Try plunging the drain five or six times to solve overflowing.
  7. Use stoppers to hide overflow plates.
  8. Remove strands of hair or soap and shampoo receptacles from the stopper.
  9. Fish the foreign material causing the clog with a wire bended
  10. Remove screws or bolts from suspected areas of leaks and overflows.
  11. Never use liquid dissolvers as it might damage your bowl or your sinks.

If nothing happens after trying all these steps or procedures, then it’s now time to call in a battalion of plumbers to fix all your sink and bathroom issues with a wink of an eye.

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