French Drain Design

Drainage Problems

One of the problems when it comes to having a lawn is standing water, especially when you live in a part of a neighborhood that has low elevation—which means all the water flows down to your lawn eventually. Having troubles with your drainage system? I’ve stumbled into a site that could help you with your draining problems. You’ll definitely need a French drain system. A solution to this problem is a French drain design. The French drain is a very easy-to-do draining system that will help the standing water on your lawn flow somewhere else. And in this article, I am going to teach you how to install your very own French drain.

What you need to do first is to plan. Survey your lawn and think about where you can redirect the water. Most often, homeowners and landscape designers connect the French drain to the sewer system. After planning and plotting the French drain design, you are now ready to dig up.

Get a shovel and dig a trench that is 2-feet deep and about 6 inches wide. The trench should run from your lawn to the destination point, where the water will end up. It is recommended to dig an inch deeper for every 8-foot interval. This technique will make sure that the water will flow down the drainage system. Visit the site for more information.

Drainage Problems

Next, line the trench you dug with landscaping fabric. When that’s done, get some PVC pipes and puncture holes at every 2-inch interval. Afterwards, place the pipes in the trench. Make sure that the holes are facing downwards. Line the sides of the PVC pipe with stones and gravel, but see to it that the rocks are not sharp. Otherwise, it will puncture the pipe and cause flooding.

Cover the trench altogether with the landscaping fabric, and finally cover the French drain with sand or soil. Now, when it rains or when there’s water flowing to your lawn, it will seep down the French drain. When the water is about to overflow, the PVC pipes will reroute the water to the sewer system, as intended.

Now that you know how to install a French drain system, you can make one for backyard or your front lawn. The next part of this great story is eagerly waiting for the next heavy downpour to find out whether your ‘Do-It-Yourself’ installation really works! No doubt! It definitely will.

Now this is a small tutorial and I hope you’ll be successful in installing this. The website that I visited was really useful. The website that I visited was really useful.

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