Blocked Drains In Melbourne? Call The Rapid Response Experts

clearing blocked drainsClearing blocked drains can be quite a challenge. But many times especially in areas where there are tree roots growing near the drain field, this can become a huge problem. The roots can grow and get inside the pipe, many times breaking it as they enter the drain field piping. The most common cure for this issue would be to call in a professional and they would come out and run an electric eel through your lines. This will help for a short period of time, but the eel only removes itself a path through the roots and leaves the rest behind.

What Is The Difference?

Blocked Drains Melbourne can even cause your septic to back up into your basement or a lower area. This creates a very unsanitary environment. This area would need to be cleaned and bleached in order to keep the ecoli bacteria from spreading throughout your home. There are some quality companies that are now using more state of the art equipment and can help you with your simple repairs to keep them from becoming bigger ones. Some companies prefer to use a hydro jetter. This device will enter into your blocked drains, fighting to rid it of all of your roots.

Why Use A Jetter?

  • The jetter will pulverize the roots and its blasting action will send them on down the drain making your drain completely open again
  • The Jetter is 3 times faster than the traditional eel that many companies still use
  • With its fast action, it can totally melt away any grease that is causing the clog
  • The cutting heads will even cut away the hardened scale that is normally left behind
  • It is designed to work even in the tightest curve or corner of your pipes

Who To Call?

If you live in the Melbourne area, search for your drain plumber that is near you that cares enough about their business that they are using the top of line newest technology. With the cutting power of the specially designed heads on the Jetter and its high pressure water action, your drains will work again as well as they did when they were new. No more septic backing up into your basement or lower area. In fact there is a company in your area that will guarantee their work for a year and that is highly unusual.

In the Melbourne area, you could say that your drains could have a Guardian angel to help to protect them. Besides the Jetter, this company uses cameras, electronic drain cleaning devices and even electronic blockage locating devices. This helps them to locate the blockage so they know the best way to get at them to cure the problem. If they would have to dig in the ground or cut into the pipe, they would know where the clog was and be able to save themselves a lot of time and you the home owner a lot of money. Do your homework and find a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to clearing blocked drains.

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